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Twist In Bigg Boss 4 Elimination: Sai Kumar Eliminated, What About Monal?

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: In the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 episode aired today, Nagarjuna created high tension among the housemates and Bigg Boss audience by giving a big twist in elimination process. Nagarjuna asked two of the contestants Monal Gajjar and Kumar Sai in danger zone to pack their bags and get ready to leave the Bigg Boss Telugu house this week.

Nagarjuna said that this week elimination will be different and scared Monal and Kumar Sai in Danger zone by announcing that there will be a double elimination.

After saving Ariyana from the danger zone Nagarjuna asked Ariyana who will she save if given an opportunity to save one among Monal or Kumar Sai. Ariyana said that she will save Kumar Sai and eliminate Monal.

Nagarjuna asks Monal and Kumar Sai pack their bags take selfie with all housemates and come into confession room. Following that Bigg Boss eliminates Kumar Sai and Monal stayed back in the confession Room.

As unusual Bigg Boss Saved Monal and send her back into Bigg Boss house from confession room. Kumar Sai drops Bigg Bomb of cleaning wash rooms for a week on Amma Rajshekar.

Meanwhile Akhil was very happy that Monal was seen very happy as Bigg Boss saved Monal from elimination. Akhil hugs monal and expresses his happiness.

In the week 6 Bigg Boss Telugu nominations Nine contestants Abhijeet, Ariyana, Akhil, Divi, Noel, Harika, Kumar Sai, Lasya and Monal were nominated for the elimination process. Finally Nagarjuna eliminated Kumar Sai from Bigg Boss this week.

Earlier also Nagarjuna scared contestants about double elimination by saying that Harika being eliminated in the second week elimination where Karate kalyani was eliminated.

Harika was asked to pack her bag and leave the house and as the twist at the end, when Harika was about to pass through the Bigg Boss house gate Nagarjuna announces that elimination is fake and saved her.

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