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Tollywood Top 5 Blockbuster Hit Movies Simhadri, Arjun Reddy Which Were Inspired Or Copied

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: There are Many blockbuster hit movies of Tollywood which were recreated, copied, inspired from highly successful movies of other languages. It is a common trend that directors and scriptwriters often get impressed with the unique story plot and direction style of few movies from other film industries, and recreate them or sometimes even copy the scenes as it is.

 A  few directors like SS Rajamouli gets inspired with scenes scripted from other films in Hollywood and other film industries and writes his own story with that inspiration, while a few other directors in Tollywood had directly copied the content from the super hit movies of other film Industries.  

Let us have a look at the list of most super hit movies which were  Remake, Copied, Re created And Inspired

1) Simhadri Movie

Simhadri is undoubtedly one of the blockbuster movies in SS Rajamouli and JR NTR’s combination. But do you know that the story plot of Simhadri was written by SS rajamouli by taking inspiration from his all time favorite movie Braveheart. There are lots of resemblance scenes between Simhadri and Braveheart movies. SS Rajamouli had written the story plot of Simhadri by modifying the story of Braveheart to satisfy the Telugu audience.

In Braveheart movie villain kills heroine but Rajamouli knows the fact that Telugu audience won’t accept the killing of heroine so he had created a sister character who was killed by villain, that led to a change in Jr NTR’s attitude and he changes from Simhadri to Singamalay and starts retaliation on Villains.

There are similarities between two movies in so many scenes and even the weapons used in the Simhadri movie are similar to Braveheart.

2) Arjun Reddy
Arjun Reddy Movie turned Vijay Deverakonda as Rowdy and made him an overnight star with the massive success of the movie and now he is one of the most popular young stars in Tollywood.  

It is a game-changer for Telugu cinema, and proved that Teugu audiences encourage a pure love story no matter who it was shown.

Director Sandeep Vanga’s Arjun Reddy was accepted by all sections of audience but do you ever know that some highlight scenes like Vijay Deverakonda becoming unconscious under the influence of drug before appearing in court and his speech with Judge was inspired from Flight movie, but slightly modified.

The fight Scene after a gang Harasses Shalini Pandey inspired from  Goodfellas movie but the director had made it much effective than the original scene from Goodfellas and had made the audience connected to the plot by making use of a dialogue  “Manaki emaina effect aythe, manam pothe, The most affected person okkaruntaaru. Adhi na life lo aa pilla. Aah pilla ki emanna aythe, I’ll be the most affected!”

3) Oh Baby
Samatha’s Oh Baby is an official remake of Miss Granny. Nandini Reddy wanted the Oh Baby to be a faithful remake of Oh granny but she had made slight changes in the story polot to connect it with Telugu audiences. Director had made use of Lord Krishna to connect the story. In Oh granny the heroine had a date with the hero but in telugu it was a marriage proposal from Naga Shourya to Samantha, which was changed. 

4) Chiru Navvuto
Venu got a good fame as a comedian after the success of Chiru Navvuto Movie but almost all of the comedy scenes in this movie were exactly copied from a Italian Comedy Dram Life is Beautiful. Almost all comedy scenes were frame to frame copied  from the Life is Beautiful.

 5) Homam
Japathi Babu’s Homam movie is an unofficial remake of the american crime drama The Departed movie. The movie was copied  from the The Departed movie but the director had lowered teh production values depending upon the budget of their movie. The  Homam  movies stars JD Chakravarty  in Matt Damon and Jagapathi Babu in Leonardo di Caprio and Mahesh Manjrekar in the role of Jack Nicholson.

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