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This Contestant Will Be The Title Winner Of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Analysis

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Big Boss Telugu 4 has completed more than 60 episodes and it is gaining mixed response from all the quarters with good twists and turns. As Bigg boss Telugu Season 4 has completed more than half of the season now the real competing spirit has started amongst the contestants. Now one of the Biggest question that is striking the minds of Bigg Boss audience is Who will be the title winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4?

Bigg Boss is all creating entertainment to the audience with bitter fights between housemates and changing the equation between housemates with each passing day. For example housemate’s friendship is changing from time to time like Monal Akhil who were love birds gets separated with 9th week nomination task in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 and even Akhil didn’t request for a diwali gift for which netizens started trolling him. Even In yesterday’s nomination process Akhil nominated Abhijeet with silly reasons which raised questions over his recent friendship with Abhijeet, and netizens trolling him as a confusion master, so he is out of the title race with silly mistakes.

Even Ariyana losing audience support each passing day and stepping into danger zone with his bitter fights with other housemates like Sohail, Monal, ABhijeet and others. Almost all the housemates nominated her in the Bigg Boss Week 10 nomination process. Monal don’t have much audience support from Telugu people so she doen’t have chances to become the winner. So now netizens started posting that Abhijeet is the only person in the house who is elegible to win the title winner trophy of Bigg Boss season 4.

abhijeeth mastermind

Starting from Day 1 Abhijeet is clear with his game strategy and cleverly moving his steps towards the finals.  He is cleverly making use of Nagarjuna’s suggestion every week and analyzing the mindset of the audience and changing his game plan accordingly to the audience’s wish. He never developed bitter fights with contestants for silly reasons and now even made Akhil as his friend.

It is a known fact that among all the housemates in this season Abhijeet is having more following on social media. Coming to the audience opinion they were confused in the starting of the show to choose their favorite celebrity as most of the contestants were unknown faces, so the audience have constantly changing their opinion from one to another contestant based on the contestants game play and their behavior towards others in Bigg Boss house.

 Abhijeet had cleverly exposed the true colors of Amma Rajasekhar, Ariyana and Avinash  who always try to act in front of cameras for audience voting. Despite Bigg Boss makers efforts to make him unpopular as he is getting more votes he cleverly escapes from the Bigg Boss trap. So it is clear that ABhijeet doesn’t have competition from any of the housemates for title race.

Even several celebrities like Kaushal, Rahul and Punarnavi along with Noel guessed that Abhijeet will be title winner of Bigg Boss. Who do you think will be the title winner of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 ? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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