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Teja Zombie Reddy Review, Rating, Story, Highlights and Drawbacks

by Bellamkonda

Rating: 2*5/5

HYDERABAD: The most anticipated and experimental film Zombie Reddy has finally hit the screens today February 5, 2021.  Teja Sajja who is well known to Telugu audience as child artist made his first debut as male lead with Zombie Reddy. Zombie Reddy is the first ever Telugu movie based on zombies and this movie is directed by Prasanth Varma. This movie features  Anandhi, Daksha Nagarkar and Get up Srinu in lead roles. Raj Sekhar Varma produced the movie and music composed by  Mark K. Robin.
Let us have a look at the review:

Zombie Reddy Story:

The movie is all about the problems faced by people who fear of getting turned into Zombies. Getting into the plot of the story, persons who got coronavirus vaccinated start turning into zombies in the film and they try to infect others by biting them. The rest of the plot revolves arounds Teja, Daksha, Kireeti, Anandhi, and RJ Hemanth  and their efforts to get out of this problem and find a solution for this.


Teja Sajja impressed the audience with very matured acting and settled performance in challenging role.
Nagarkar does justice to her role even though she has very limited screen space.
Jabardasth Get-up Sreenu and Nandini  performed very well in key roles.

Zombie Reddy Movie Highlights :

  • Interesting First Half and good Interval bang
  • Get-up Srinu Comedy
  • zombies Action blocks which are new to Telugu audience
  • Interesting Second Half plot
  • Background music

Zombie Reddy Movie Drawbacks :

  • Even though the full movie is good but it looks lagging in some parts
  • Poor written climax

Verdict: So the final verdict about Teja’s Zombie Reddy is that it is a one time watch experimental movie.

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