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Ram Charan Avoiding The Mistake Done By JR NTR, Details Inside

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: JR NTR and Ram Charan are the two most popular heroes in Telugu Film Industry. They both share a healthy friendship bond and are now working together for Rajamouli’s opium project RRR. We often learn many things with the experience of others even from the mistakes of our close ones and try to move forward with our own strategies.

Now even Ram Charan learnt a lesson from the mistake of  Jr NTR, Yes what you heard is right, Jr NTR who initially thought that RRR movie would be completed by May or June 2020 has given green signal to Trivikram Srinivas for #NTR30 but due to coronavirus the movie shooting postponed and now there is no clue when the movie shooting is completed. So Trivikram is waiting for the dates of Jr NTR and Jr NTR has no clue when his multi starrer movie RRR shooting will be completed.

JR NTR is under high pressure as he is unable to know when he will be relieved from the RRR as even Rajamouli has no idea over the time when the RRR movie will be completed. So pressure is mounting on JR NTR as ace director like Trivikram is waiting for his dates, and even JR NTR doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to work with Trivikram just with the problem of dates. He can’t assure Trivikram about the dates for shooting as Rajamouli himself has no idea when the movie shooting will be completed.

Since the film shoots are happening in full pace, it is the responsibility of NTR to inform Trivikram when he will be free from RRR. How can NTR give that clarity when Rajamouli himself has no idea?

So Now looking at his friend JR NTR trouble Ram Charan learnt a lesson and didn’t give any green signal to other movies even though he listened to some stories. Ram Charan is staying away from any professional commitments until the completion of RRR, however Ram Charan is looking at movie works of Acharya featuring his father Chiranjeevi garu, but this movie shootings works might be delayed as Chiranjeevi tested positive for coronavirus.

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