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Play Back Movie Review, Rating, Story Highlights and Drawbacks

by Bellamkonda

Rating: 2.75 /5

HYDERABAD:  Play Back Movie is based on the unique concept of Time Travel, Time machine it is the India first cross connection Time movie. There are only a few Telugu movies in the backdrop of Time Travel. So it is the first Telugu adventure film “Playback. The Play back movie features Dinesh Tej and Ananya Nagalla in lead roles and directed by Hari Prasad Jakka. This movie is produced by Prasad Rao peddineni and music composed by Kamran.

Play Back Movie Story :

The plot of this story is all about Cross time talk which generally means that people in two different times are talking on the same phone. A journalist in 2019 gets a phone call from a school teacher in 1993. both of them were at different times. After realizing that they start wondering how is it possible? and starts exploring if there is a real life connection between the both, what happens is the rest of the story.

 Play Back Movie Highlights :

  • Play Back Movie Unique Story
  • Good Twists and Turns
  • Excellent Screenplay and Direction
  • Seat Edge Climax

Play Back Movie Drawbacks:

Slow Narration In few parts

Unknown faces

Verdict:  Playback Movie is a good suspense thriller with a unique story and is a one time watch movie for those who would love to watch movies with different story lines.

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