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Pawan Kalyan Fans Vs Anti Fans War On Social Media Over His New Watch

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD : Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is one of the most popular Tollywood actors with a huge fan base.  Pawan Kalyan is now busy with back to back movies in his hand after re entry into Telugu film Industry and he is charging a huge remuneration of Rs 40 crore to Rs 50 crore remuneration for each film after his comeback.

Despite his huge remuneration, even after comeback Tollywood producers never hesitated to take Pawan kalyan as a hero for their projects in view of his huge fan base. Now Pawan Kalyan was recently spotted wearing a costly Rolex watch  Rs 40 Lakh which became the talk of the town.

Most of the people started commenting on Pawan Kalyan watch and started questioning him over his words that he had lost everything, Pawan kalyan fans also started arguing with them saying that Pawan Kalyan wore that watch for shooting purpose.

But Powerstar anti fans raised a point that it is his own watch and Pawan Kalyan wears it many times regularly. Anti fans started trolling Pawan Kalyan for his earlier comments that he has no money to pay his Car EMI. They call it as Pawan Kalyan’s publicity stunt to attract Common Man during AP Assembly election 2019.

Pawan Anti fans started trolling him for his sudden changeover from wearing a dhoti and lalchi during election campaigning to a sudden changeover inn attire by wearing a Rs 40 lakh worth watch. Meanwhile a few of the Pawan kalyan fans arguing that he had not purchased the watch but it was gifted to him by fans.

On the career front Pawan Kalyan is busy with the shooting works of Vakeel Saab movie. Vakeel Saab is a remake of the popular Bollywood hit movie Pink. One of his other movies is #PSPK26 . Vakeel Saab is likely to hit silver screens this year. Vakeel Saab is the first re-entry movie to Pawan Kalyan. After that Pawan Kalyan will be seen in a movie being directed by Krish. The third upcoming movie of Pawan kalyan #PSPK28 is with Harish Shankar.

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