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Kumar Sai Says Bigg Boss Eliminated Me As They Don’t Want To Disturb Monal Akhil Love Track’

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has been hitting the headlines for obvious reasons. The show reached to a crucial stage and the real game will begin from this week onwards. Recently, Kumar Sai got eliminated from the show. Every contestant who faces eviction will get upset but Kumar Sai didn’t.

Kumar Sai revealed a few interesting things about the show and housemates in the house. He said that, ‘I didn’t feel sad when I was eliminated, but after stepping out of the show, I was stunned to see the audience’s response.”

He further added that people are saying that they have voted for him and are asking him why he has been eliminated. Kumar Sai said that, “I thought, I got eliminated as the audience didn’t vote for me but after learning the truth, I’m happy with the love that people are showering on me.

I was targeted in the house and they couldn’t understand me. I entered the house as a wild card contestant and it’s a drawback for me. By the time, I stepped into the house, groups have been formed and they used to ignore me, whenever I was trying to make friends with them.”

He said that, “The most toughest moment in the house is the nomination process, during that time the true colours of housemates will be seen. In most of the nomination tasks, all the housemates used to save their friends and they used to nominate others by telling silly reasons.

I went with a lot of expectations but after seeing the contestant’s behavior, I was so upset. The makers of the show have eliminated as they don’t want to disturb the love track between Monal and Akhil and other comedy track in the house. I didn’t pretend in the show. I really don’t know the exact answer as why makers eliminated me. I exit from the show but I got a chance to narrate a story to Nagarjuna that’s more than enough for me”.

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