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Kanabadutaledu Movie Teaser: Get Thrilled, Be Curious, Hold Your Excitement!

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: India Film Industry which generally goes by a formula oriented direction even in thriller movies is slowly changing its pace with time after a few low budget movies like “Evaru” and “Hit” were well received by the audience and become Superhits. Now one more such intense suspense thriller movie is “Kanabadutaledu” which has grabbed the attention of public with a innovative teaser released recently.

In the teaser director presented the glimpse of the story with an extraordinary way of narration in each frame, which is quite different from other thrillers.

Kanabadutaledu first look poster

Despite being a small film, the teaser was very much innovative and point ridden. In simpler words it can be called as never before ever after, type of teaser which has stunned whoever watched it. Kanabadutaledu movie features Sukranth Veerella, Yug Ram, Sasitha Kona, Asha Sudharshan, Subba Rao and Kishore Kumar Polimera in lead roles. 

After watching the teaser audience are eagerly waiting for the release date of the movie.

Kanabadutaledu movie featuring sukranth veerella, yugram, sasitha Kona, Kancharapalem Raju, Kancharapalem Kishore, Uma, madhu, Kancharapalem Shyam and Asha Sudharshan. This movie is directed by M Balaraju and music composed by Madhu Ponnas and produced under SS Films, Sree Padha creations and Shade Studios.

Beginning the teaser reveals the murder of two dead bodies and the scene switches to a missing complaint by a girl giving a missing complaint about her friend. From here the scenes switch introducing the characters.

Suspect of the case diverts to Mr. Aditya whose early life is shown as a love life as per the teaser. Ending up at the crime scene has made the audience surprising and thrilling! All together, the film teaser became the most creative one and gives the new perception for the one who watches it.

 Watch the teaser below:

Celeb bytes for this movie is another strong reason for the movie teaser becoming successful. Teaser as a story reveals the level of interest among the audience.

Most of the popular celebrities who played their roles in movies, short films, and serials, have shown their enthusiasm in speaking out about this glorious twist and turn movie. This video proves the height of flawless creation by the Tollywood industry.
Have a look:

Indeed, the way we are in today’s world operating with smartphones and chilling out in online media has been greatly quoted through “Mama Mama” and “Yedakemai Untunde” songs which has got the eyes of more than one million.

The teaser has made the audience expectations to reach high as the teaser reflects suspense thrilling story along with crime investigation. We have to wait until the movie hits the theaters. Let’s wait and see what the movie has got to with.

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