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Will Akhil Repeat The Same Reaction Of Rahul Sipligung In Bigg Boss Telugu?

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Akhil Sarthak is one of the most popular contestant of this season. Currently, he is in a secret room, he seems to be enjoying the contestant’s performance in the house. All of his fellow mates are aware that he is in secret room. According to the reliable sources, Akhil will be returning to Bigg Boss house in the next week.

If reports are to go anything by, Monal could be eliminated this weekend. She was supposed to eliminate a while back but makers have saved her as she is generating the content with her love track with Akhil.

Monal would be happy to see Akhil back in the house. But, here comes the surprise, Monal will get eliminated as she is bagged the fewer votes and the other contestant who is danger zone is far better than him.

Monal eviction will surely leave Akhil into a huge disappointment and the happiness he joined back with his friends will also go in vain, when the host announced Monal elimination. If you may recall, it happened even with Rahul Sipligunj’s during Punarnavi’s elimination, Show makers have eliminated her to give a twist to the show.

The makers are planning to repeat the same magic with Akhil and Monal. There’s no doubt, Akhil will surely break down into tears with Monal eviction. But, it’s still not confirmed yet from the maker’s end about Monal’s elimination. Let’s wait and watch how the show unfolds in coming days,

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