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Watch : Netizens Compare Abhijeet With Prabhas For This Reason

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Abhijeet is one of the contestants with most fan following in the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4, and he is the only contestant who was nominated for elimination in all the 10 weeks and was saved from the elimination with the audience support.

Abhijeet always maintains a clarity of thoughts and never loses his cool over pity issues and a section of audience even decided Abhijeet as the title winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Even most of the celebrities like Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 title winner Rahul Sipligung and Bigg Boss season 3 contestant Punarnavi guessed that Abhijeet might become the title winner of the Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Now Abhijeet fans expressing their happiness over his game strategy in the house, he never lost his coolness on other contestants for silly reasons.

In tomorrow’s promo shown in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Abhijeet is seen performing well even in physical tasks, so with this it is clear that he is working on his weakness and becoming stronger with each passing day in Bigg Boss. He cleverly understands the suggestions from Nagarjuna and changes himself as per the audience wish which is the basic criteria for any person to become the title winner of Bigg Boss. Now Abhijeet clearly exposed the drama of Akhil over a secret room entry. Abhijeet said that Akhil is aware of the secret room and he played a mind game.

Abhijeet said Akhil that you went out with a big master plan that you’ll come again but you didn’t learn from your mistakes, behaving like you are a genuine person. Stop you acting and Everyone knows your mind games. Akhil says that  he went to a secret room like meka and returned like puli, for which Abhijeet said that meka can never become Puli. Abhijeet Slaps Akhil with his Epic Reply by saying that Meka can never become Puli during their fight in nominations today, netizens started trolling AKhil for his behaviour towards abhijeet.

So with this new mass angle in Abhijeet fans started comparing him with Prabhas in movies and shared a tweet on reel and real life prabhas.

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