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These Two Contestants in Danger Zone For Elimination In Bigg Boss Telugu 4

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has managed to keep the viewers engaged with its blockbuster episodes. Now only 3 weeks left for the grand finale on December 20, and only seven contestants were left for the title race in the house.

According to the sources, the reality show is doing quite well in terms of TRPs. The latest nomination process went pretty well in the house. It was like Monal’s episode, she is seen arguing with each and every contestant in the house. Bigg Boss contestants from different platforms win the trophy. Some of them become friends in the house and a few of them even develop special feelings towards the housemates.

Currently, there are three pairs in the house, Monal-Akhil, Abhijeet-Harika and Avinash-Ariyana. In a recent episode, probably, Bigg Boss might have broken two relationships in the house, which will have an impact on the votes they are receiving from the audience. As you all might be aware, Harika and Abhijeet nominated each other, so Abhijeet fans won’t vote Harika now, while Akhil and Monal nominated each other which led into a verbal spat. Forget about Abijeet and Harika, they will surely get back to each other in no time. Akhil may not to talk with Monal as he was deeply hurt by her words.

Netizens say that Monal is the most cunning person and they are requesting show organizers to eliminated as she is not giving mental peace to Akhil. As Bigg Boss’ grand finale is only just days away, the contestants are playing their own individual game. Meanwhile most of the ABhijeet fans are demanding Bigg Boss to eliminate Harika as she has nominated Abhijeet this week.

Netizens were upset with Harika’s decision and expressed their anger by saying that she doesn’t remain loyal to Abhijeet. There is a buzz that out of all the nominated contestants Harika, Monal will be at high risk for elimination as even Avinash will be saved from elimination as he will get votes from Ariyana fans.

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