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Watch: Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Swathi Deekshith Fans Protest At Bigg Boss House In Annapurna Studios

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Sizzling actress Swathi Deekshith who was recently evicted from Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Those who are uninformed, she has a decent fan following in Telugu states. You might be hearing as surprising news. But, it is true. Swathi fans are staging a protest in front of Annapurna Studios for eliminating her without proper season.

“Her fans are demanding the show makers to make re-entry into the house. They haven’t given any enough space to her and her fans feeling suspicious in the voting process. They are also making allegations that Show makers are wantedly eliminated her and they have decided to eliminate Swathi even before voting ends. Our protest is proof that there are audiences and fans for Swathi Deekshith. We voted her and we wanted her back to the show.

 Show organizers are being partial to the contestants and they are eliminating the strong contestants for unknown reasons. Show organizers are eliminating the contestants who are receiving support from the audience.

They are making other contestants to stay in the house who are not receiving any kind of response from the general public. They even stated that Devi Nagavalli’s elimination was also pre-planned. They are demanding the answers for Swathi Deekshith elimination and to give another chance for her to make a re-entry”.

 It remains to be seen whether Show organizers will fulfil their wish by giving re-entry chance to Swathi Deekshith or not.If you are looking forward for tonight’s episode, then, we have something interesting news in our store. Sohail will be the fourth captain of the house. An official confirmation regarding the news is awaited at the moment.

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