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Surya Kiran Eliminated, Sai Kumar Secretly Entered Bigg Boss House | Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Episode 8 Highlights

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: In the Telugu bigg Boss Season 4 Episode 8 aired on Sunday,September 13 Surya Kiran was Eliminated and as expected  Sai Kumar gave entry into the house as wild card entrant. But Nagarjuna doesn’t reveal the entry news of Sai Kumar to housemates.

Sai Kumar secretly enters the Bigg Boss house and none of the 15 contestants Monal Gajjar, Abijeet Duddala, Lasya Manjunath, Sujatha, Ariyana Glory, Divi Vadthya,Syed Sohel Ryan, Dethadi Harika, Devi Nagavalli, Mehaboob Shaikh, Amma Rajasekhar, Karate Kalyani, Noel Sean, Akhil Sarthak and Gangavva had noticed Sai Kumar.

He secretly sleeps on a piece of furniture, but however feared that housemates might beat him. In the upcoming Promo Housemates wake up the next day morning and are shocked to see somebody else was sleeping on a furniture and trying to open the blanket.

In Sunday’s episode Nagarjuna had saved three contestants Akhil, Divya and Mehaboob among the four contestants in the danger zone and Surya Kiran was evicted from the house as he got least votes from the people.

The elimination was not surprising to the audience as it was the most anticipated elimination after Nagarjuna had also pointed out that Surya Kiran is unnecessarily lecturing everyone in the house on Saturdays episode.

In today’s episode Nagarjuna gave a grand entry by his dance steps along with the models for Allu Arjun’s Ramulo Ramulo song. Before Elimination process Nagarjuna had divided the contestants into two groups of Men Vs Women and each from one group had danced for the same song simultaneously.

Choreographer Amma Rajasekhar has taken the responsibility of judging their performances along with host Nagarjuna. Divi and Mehaboob had performed very well in this task and impressed Nagarjuna.

At the end of the Game Women won the task with 91 points and Bigg Boss gave them Mango juice bottles to Women and asked them not to offer them to male contestants in the house.

Housemates sing a song requesting Bigg Boss to cancel the elimination process while Nagarjuna says that Bigg Boss is “Seetayya” and won’t listen to anyone. During the Elimination of Surya Kiran he was given a task to allot a particular animal symbol to the rest of 15 housemates.

Surya Kiran Allots The Following Symbols To 15 Contestants:

  1. Monal Gajjar – Peacock
  2. Devi – Crocodile
  3. Sohail – Mouse
  4. Abhijeeth – Cat
  5. Divi – Tortoise
  6. Kalyani – Monkey
  7. Mehaboob – Vulture
  8. Harika – Snake
  9. Sujatha – Dog
  10. Noel – Fox
  11. Lasya – donkey
  12. Ariyana – Wolf
  13. Akhil – Male Buffalo
  14. Amma Rajashekar – Lion
  15. Gangavva – Ant

While leaving the house Surya Kiran drops the Bigg Bomb on Devi and asks her to train everyone on Yoja. 

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