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Sonu Sood Supports Monal Gajjar ? | Monal Fans Letter To Sonu Sood

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood who is always at the forefront in supporting the people in trouble is now all set to support Monal Gajjar. Monal Gajjar who belongs to Gujarat, is one of the contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu season 4, but she is unfortunately being targeted by a section of people on social media platforms.  

Most of the people started trolling Monal on social media as she is a non telugu contestant and also due to her Triangular love story with Akhil and Abhijeet. There were also few people who were strongly supporting Monal and worried about the criticism against her on Social Media degrading her character which will have an effect on her long run career even after completion of Bigg Boss.

Monal is a model and a heroine by profession and really facing tough time in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 due to her language problem but trying to get a grip over the Telugu language gradually.

A few of Monal Fans even started an argument that it is not fair for the Telugu audience to target Monal as she is speaking in another language, they reminded Harika and Abhijeet who were basically from Telugu background but still kept on speaking in English, despite Bigg Boss orders. So now Monal fans had written a letter to Sonu Sood seeking his support for Monal. Monal Gajjar fans also argue that she doesn’t love either Akhil or Abhijeet just she is treating both of them as her friends which is portrayed in a completely different angle on social media.  

In the letter the Monal fans said that “Dear Sonu Sood sir, if you know Monal Ghajjar, please support her. We didn’t seek your support for Monal Gajjar for the sake of votes or for saving her but to save her from trolling on social media platforms. We aim to protect Monal from misinformation against her by a section f people who are discriminating her  as she belongs to non telugu  state”

Monal fans Written to Sonu Sood that If you are already familiar with Monal, protect her from misinformation. Please, support her.  This letter of Monal fans to Sonu Sood goes viral on Social Media, Now We have to wait and watch how Sonu Sood responds to this.

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