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Watch: Reason Behind Mukku Avinash Breaks Down Into Tears In Bigg Boss Week 9 Elimination

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Mukku Avinash could be very difficult to recognize for a few of the audience and he became popular among the Telugu states with the reality show Jabardasth. He has a decent fan following, thanks to his comedy antics. He not only impressed the audience, but also believed to made Bigg Boss show makers to notice his performance in Jabardasth show.

Ever since, Avinash stepped into Bigg Boss Telugu, he has been seen saying to their fellow mates that he broke the agreement with Jabardasth makers only to step in Bigg Boss. It is crystal clear Avinash is ready to face any kind of challenges in the task. He is not leaving any stone unsure to become the winner of the season.

For those who joined late to the story, Avinash has been nominated for this week’s eviction. The latest promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is showing that Avinash breaks down into tears. But, the makers of chopped reason from it.

The reason behind Avinash have saved from this week’s elimination that’s why he broke down into tears by thanking the audience for supporting him and said that his heart skipped a beat for being sent into box for elimination and saved at the end of the task. Mukku Avinash is saved for another two weeks, next week he will be captain of the house.

While a few people started trolling Avinash calling it as overaction and guessed that Avinash might be crying as Amma Rajashekar eliminated.

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