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Reason Behind Monal Choosing Akhil Over Abhijeet

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The current season of Bigg Boss Telugu gained much popularity is because of the triangle love story in the house between the contestants Akhil, Abhijeet and Monal. At a certain point, the show makers have turned the show as a public park with kisses and hugs.

Post that, most of the audience seems to have switched off the TVs as they want real content which entertains them. Abhijeet has ignored Monal when he has learned that she is playing double game with him. Why Monal being distanced from Abhijeet is never understood.

The latest news doing the rounds that the main reason for Monal being far from away Abhijeet seems to be, she wants 100 percent attention towards her where Abhijeet can’t ever do that because he is very focused on his game. Another point seems to be Abhijeet will never ever gets possessive if any talks to her because Abhijeet has a broad mind.

If you see Akhil, Abhijeet or Avinash tries to flirt with Monal, Akhil won’t tolerate and he is a very possessive person when it comes to Monal matter these reasons might have made monal to chose Abhijeet over Akhil.

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