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Reason Behind Devi Nagavalli Skipping Bigg Boss Grand Finale?

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Congratulations, Abhijeet Duddala for the big win! Popular actor Abhijeet was declared the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 by Megastar Chiranjeevi on the grand finale of the show on Sunday night. Finally, Abhijeet fans fulfilled their dream by making him winner for this season. While Abhijeet celebrated her big win with the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 trophy and the prize money of Rs 25 lakh, Akhil Sarthak turned out to be the runner of the show.

All the previous contestants were brought together for the show and it was nice to see all of them dancing together. However, TV news presenter Devi Nagavalli was not seen in the group. Monal, Lasya, Sujata, Gangavva, Noel, Kumar Sai, Avinash, Divi, Mehboob and Kalyani who had left the house were seen during the reunion. Last night, all ex-contestants were seen at the grand finale except popular TV anchor Devi Nagavalli. Why did she give a miss to the Grand finale of Bigg Boss has set tongues wagging on social media? The buzz on social media suggests that Devi Nagavalli is a very dedicated person to her profession and she came to participate in the show by leaving her job for a while. After she came to the house, all the housemates were cornered and the host Nagarjuna never spoke on behalf of her. She was also upset with her elimination as it is unfair elimination to everyone.

Devi was very much a strong contestant and she has every right to stay in the house but they have eliminated her by citing the reasons as she got the least votes. Netizens are discussing whether she has refused to go to the grand finale, feeling that the Bigg Boss show had betrayed her.Or was it that the BiggBoss organisers have not called her. Answers are best known to her why she hasn’t appeared to the show.

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