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Watch: Noel Sean Walks Out Of Bigg Boss House | Bigg Boss Housemates Emotional goodbye To Noel

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss contestant Singer Noel Sean, who is seriously ill with arthritis, leaves the Bigg Boss house today. Noel, who suffers from leg pain, has been seriously ill for the past two days. Noel complained to Bigg Boss that his legs and hands were not working properly.

Even Noel didn’t participate in luxury budget task on Wednesday and was at rest. However, the doctors who examined Noel advised the Bigg Boss show makers to send Noel out of the house as he needs emergency treatment.

Bigg boss makers had released a promo in which Bigg Boss said that as per the advice of the experts Noel is being sent from the Bigg Boss Telugu house for better treatment.

Following the Bigg Boss Suggestion Noel  steps out from Bigg Boss Telugu house. Bigg Boss housemates were seen becoming emotional while Noel was leaving the house. Noel left the house with a heavy heart. Noel coming out from the Bigg Boss house upset his fans. Now we have to wait and watch if Noel gets back to the show after recovery or not.

Noel Breaks down emotionally while leaving the Bigg Boss house which can be seen in the promo released by Star Maa.

But for the past few episodes Noel was seen lost in his own world and not actively participating in the tasks due to his health issues. In a recent episode, it was crystal clear that Noel Sean doesn’t want to be in the house anymore as he is suffering with leg pain. He might have asked the show organizers to send him home.

Bigg Boss had responded positively to Noel request exactly same in teh case of Gangavva and sent Noel out of the house for better treatment to his leg pain.

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