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Watch : Noel Eliminated | Noel Reveals True Colors Of Mukku Avinash and Amma Rajashekar

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss organizers have released a promo giving a big shock to Noel fans. Noel left Bigg Boss House due to serious illness. Fans thought he would go back to Bigg Boss House.In today’s Bigg Boss Telugu 4 promo aired by Star Maa today a heated argument took place between Amma Rajashekar, Mukku Avinash and Noel Sean.

Noel who came out of the bigg Boss house due to health issues was seen on Bigg Boss floor next to host Akkineni Nagarjuna, and he lashed out at Amma Rajashekar and Mukku Avinash for making fun of his health condition.

Noel unmasks himself for the first time in teh Bigg boss show and exposed how Avinash and Amma Rajasekhar reality before host Nagarjuna says that he is suffering from arthritis and is having trouble coping with arthritis, but both of them had insulted him. In the promo Noel asks both Avinash and Amma Rajashkar to stand on a single leg to let them know about his painful situation As Noel said, the two of them stood on one leg for a while then Noel asked Master if he had leg pain and Amma told him that it was very painful.

Noel replied that he got a lot more pain than that. He directly told everyone over the way how Amma and Avinash had insulted him by making fun of his leg pain. Noel questioned both of them saying that this show is being watched by children and Adults and what are you saying to them?  Noel questioned Avinash why did you imitate my walking style for fun. Even Mukku Avinash and Amma Rajashekar lashed out at Noel. 

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