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Netizens Troll Nagarjuna For Breaking Abhijeet-Harika Bond

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss has remained synonymous with being unpredictable. While the most unexpected twists have taken our breath away multiple times, the biggest twist of the season is now in store. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 popular contestants Abhijeet and Harika are hitting the headlines for all good reasons.  If you may recall, Nagarjuna gave a long lecture to Harika’s on Saturday and he also showed few videos of Abhijeet to her. He suggested Harika to focus on her game.

Nagarjuna’s main intention of targeting Harika is to break their friendship. Probably, Show makers and Nagarjuna might have reaped the fruit because Harika nominated Abhijeet for some reason.

Nagarjuna and makers want them to cut their friendship and it happened in the nomination process. As we have already told, Abhijeet is a man with a gold heart, he didn’t utter a single word to Harika for nominating him but seen asking ‘ If you don’t understand me, who is there for me to understand here’ Harika is seen crying in the promo. Harika wouldn’t nominate Abhijeet if Nagarjuna hasn’t shown her video clips.

She has gone through a lot after Saturday’s episode and nominated her best friend for this week’s eviction. Netizens are trolling Nagarjuna for breaking their cute friendship in the house. Abhijeet was seen very emotional after Harika nominated him and said that “If you wont understand nobody else will understand.

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