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Netizens Troll Harika | Bigg Boss Audience Compare Harika with Brahmanandam

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Dethadi Harika is undoubtedly one of the best contestants of Bigg  Boss Telugu Season 4.  Harika played very well in yesterday “Konte Rakshasulu Vs Manchi Manashulu ” luxury Budget task. But she was getting trolled by Bigg Boss Telugu 4 audience for childish behavior of crying over pity things .

Despite her efforts in the task none of the housemates in two opposite teams of Konte Rakshasulu Vs  Manchi Manashulu had accepted her as their team member.

As per the Konte Rakshasulu Vs Manchi Manashulu task housemates were divided into two groups of good and evil forces.  Ariyana, Avinash, Akhil, Mehboob and Harika are in the team of  Konte Rakshasulu , while the rest are in the team of Manchi Manashulu.  

According to the task  Konte Rakshasulu will be irritating housemates with their works and Manchi Manashulu team members have to patiently tolerate them and win tasks to turn at least three Konte Rakshasulu as Manchi Manashulu to win the task.  During the task Hraika was seen irritating all the opposite team members.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu: Harika Cry In Good Humans Vs Demons Task - Sakshi

But she was ignored by  her same team and even opposite team members who got an opportunity to turn one of the Konte Rakshasulu team member into the member of Manchi Manashulu ignored Harika even though she is seen interested in that, instead Manchi Manashulu team had searched for Mehaboob who was hiding in bathroom.

So Harika was hurt with the behaviour of both the team members and was seen crying standing in front of cameras and explaining her pain to Bigg boss. 
But netizens troll here for frequently complaining to Bigg Boss for pity issues by standing in front of cameras.

But a few others supported her .

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