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Netizens Making Fun of Abhijeet For Accepting Amma Rajasekhar Punishment

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Abhijeet has managed to garner a huge fan base for him. Abhijeet got criticized by his fellow mates as he is weak in physical tasks and he can’t perform well. Looks like Abhijeet has won many hearts with his logical reasoning on the show.

Abhiijeet has been entertaining his fans by not lashing at other housemates when his mistake is there or not. Audience are heaps praising him the way he is controlling his anger. Many times, Abhijeet has proved he is an amazing leader in the house.

The host of the show Nagarjuna also appreciates him when he does best in the task and sometimes even he criticize him for his actions. Since the initial stages of the show, there’s a rule in the house that contestants shouldn’t speak in English as it is Telugu reality show and the audience may not understand their communication.

Last night, Amma Rajasekhar became a new captain of the house and one of his rule is not to speak in English, whoever commit mistakes then they will be punished in the house. Unfortunately, Abhijeet is seen speaking in English where contestants of the show haven’t advised him to talk in Telugu. But, Bigg Boss reminds him once again not to speak in English. The captain Amma Rajasekhar has given him punishment to stand for a while. Netizens are making fun at Abhijeet that Amma Rajasekhar gave punishment to him and never host Nagarjuna has given a punishment to Abhijeet for speaking English in the house. If you don’t believe us then take a look at the tweet:

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