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Netizens Demands Answers To Nagarjuna: How Long Are They Going To Save Monal Gajjar?

by Bellamkonda

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is hitting the headlines since it’s launch. The show is garnering a lot of attention. Thanks to the contestants and host of the show Nagarjuna.

Six celebrities—right from Surya Kiran to Joddar Sujatha were eliminated from the show in the past few weeks. The evicted contestants have revealed some interesting facts about the show. A few evicted contestants mentioned during the media interaction that the organizers are being biased to Monal Gajjar. As everyone thought, Monal Gajjar will eliminate this week. Unfortunately, Monal elimination didn’t happen even this week. Once again Monal Gajjar got saved from show organizers.

The show is drawing a lot of negativity due to her but show makers are least bothered as far as they are getting revenue and TRPs ratings. The latest news we have for our viewers is Divi has been eliminated from the house. Nagarjuna might announce Divi announce through a video call. Divi fans who have learned about her eviction started demanding the answers as well as they are trolling Nagarjuna badly on social media.

On the other hand, Netizens are asking How long they are going to save Monal Gajjar? How many weeks Monal is going to save from Bigg Boss organizers. Probably, Monal Gajjar is the management quota of Bigg Boss? These questions were asked by show lovers, not by us.

Check out the tweets for more clarity which we have gathered for you.

If you are looking forward for tonight’s episode, Samantha has been replaced in Nagarjuna’s place for this weekend episode. Akkineni Akhil is also going to be a special guest for tonight’s episode and many other celebrities are expected to grace the event with their dance performance. Watch this space for more updates.

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