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Netizens Demand Harika’s Elimination After Nagarjuna Exposes Her True Colors

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg boss Telugu 4 is turning quite unpredictable with unexpected twists and turns with each passing day. In today’s weekend episode, Nagarjuna exposed the true colors of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 most strong contestants Abhijeet and Harika.

Nagarjuna asked Harika to enter the confession room and asked her over her captaincy and questioned her over if she really deserved to be the best captain as chosen by housemates for which Harika said yes and started explaining over what she did her best during captaincy. But here comes the twist Nagarjuna who came with a plan to expose the true colors of Harika telecasted several video clips of her failure during the captaincy and throughout her journey in the Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Nagarjuna questioned Harika over swapping Monal with Abhijeet from Nominations, despite Monal helping her to become captain. For which Harika gave her explanation but it was of no use as Nagarjuna said that She personally decided to support Abhijeet so swapped her with him.

He even questioned her failure as captain when Abhijeet straight away said that he won’t do the two tasks assigned by Bigg Boss first one is he said No for going on a date with Monal and second he said that he won’t count leaves in the garden area. Nagarjuna said that as a captain Harika failed to order Abhijeet perform the task instead she kept quiet and supported him.

Nagarjuna also exposed her opportunistic nature during a task in which Avinash and Monal were given a chance for immunity if housemates sacrifices their belongings to them, in that task Harika has carried her clothes and kept it for Monal after the end of the Buzzer sound for the task cunningly. Harika was completely proven opportunist by Nagarjuna with all video proofs.

Finally Harika agrees with her mistakes and Nagarjuna advises her to play the real game only for herself. So after Nagarjuna exposed the true colors of Harika, netizens started trolling Harika and praising Nagarjuna for his point driven conversation with Harika. Even netizens demanded to eliminate Harika after today’s episode.

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