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Netizens Compare Monal Gajjar With Shruti Haasan For This Reason

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has completed 81 episodes and now only seven contestants were left in the house for the grand finale race which will be held on December 20.  Monal Gajjar is one of the most disliked contestants by many viewers right from the starting of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 reality show.

A section of netizens trolled her for a triangular love story with Abhijeet and AKhil, and for her skin show. Some of the Bigg Boss audience disliked her for her skin show in Bigg Boss house. But few others started hating her as Bigg Boss is giving more screen space to Monal, despite her weak performances in all the tasks and Bigg Boss also eliminated a few strong contestants like Kumar Sai, Devi Nagavalli and Divi to save his favourite contestant Monal Gajjar.

With all these reasons she became one of the most disliked contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, but now she is getting stronger by performing well in the physical tasks like T stand task for immunity and lifting Harika during captaincy tasks and helped Harika to emerge as the captain of Bigg Boss house. So looking at her recent performance audience slowly started voting for her, and now she had also swapped out Abhijeet from Nomination with this Abhijeet fan even started voting for her.

In Devil task Monal has seen the devil in the mirror and despite that she looks very calm and told Ariyana not to look into the mirror and Monal has not expressed any emotions in her face like Shruti Haasan in Race Gurram movie where she hides all of her expression inside. Netizens compare Monal with Shruti Haasan in hiding her feelings inside.

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