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Netizens Compare Abhijeet With Lord Sri Krishna, Find Out Why

by Bellamkonda

HYDEERABAD: As Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is only two weeks left for the grand finale, several stories about the contestants were going viral on social media platforms. Fans of different contestants from Bigg Boss Telugu 4 started arguing that their favourite contestant will emerge as the title winner of this season 4.

Abhijeet is one of the most strongest contestant in the history of Bigg Boss Telugu with huge fan base on social media. He is the rumored winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 and fans have decided him as the title winner withingn few weeks after starting the show and his fans are going gaga over the maturity and intelligence of their favourite contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu.

In recent episode Ariyana and Sohel had a verbal spat each other, none of the housemates came to console her. Only Abhijeet came to Ariyana and suggested her to play her own game, he gave a reason for his fans to celebrate the day. Ariyana was cornered by all the housemates but Abhijeet is balancing with everyone without holding any grudges. We are hearing several theories that Abhijeet can’t become a winner as he is not performing tasks.

Let us have a look at one of such theory by netizens in which they started comparing Abhijeet with lord Sri Krishna who consoled Draupadi, in this case they started comparing Ariyana as Draupadi and Abhijeet as Sri Krishna who consoled Ariyana.

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