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Nagarjuna Turns Against Bigg Boss And Helps Abhijeet

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD:  Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is one of the most popular reality shows in Telugu and Nagarjuna has been hosting the Bigg Boss Telugu for the past two seasons. Most of the audience were still watching the Bigg Boss Telugu show only for Tollywood King Nagarjuna, and the weekend episodes are gaining huge TRP ratings due to Nagarjuna effectively handling the contestants on Weekend episodes and grilling them for their mistakes and advising them to correct their mistakes.

But for the past few weeks Netizens are trolling him for unnecessarily targeting only Abhijeet as per the instructions of Bigg Boss. In the last weekend episode Nagarjuna was seen lashing out at Abhijeet for his mistake of not accepting to take Monal for a date as a part of the task. Nagarjuna was also seen lecturing Harika over her favoring Abhijeet in Nominations by swapping him with Monal. Netizens started trolling Nagarjuna by intentionally targeting Abhijeet, to lower his graph in the audience. Following this there is a clear downfall in confidence levels of Abhijeet in his game and he choosed himself as the worst performer in last week.

In yesterday’s episode Abhijeet requested Nagarjuna to speak with him privately and he went inside the confession room, where Abhijeet sought Apologies for his mistake from Nagarjuna. Replying to Abhijeet Nagarjuna said to him that you have committed only a single mistake in the last weekend and it’s over now, you are playing the game very well, just don’t think about it anymore and focus on your game. Even though Bigg Boss had instructed Nagarjuna to decrease the graph of Abhijeet but Nagarjuna indirectly turned against Bigg Boss commands and gave several hints to Abhijeet to focus on his game and emerge as title winner for the Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

From the day 1 in Bigg Boss house, Abhijeet is constantly improving his graph by learning from his mistakes as per the instructions of Nagarjuna. So Nagarjuna who is carefully monitoring the audience support for Abhijeet on social media platforms has wisely advised Abhijeet to play individual game by hinting him over Monal Harika bond and even Harika closeness with Akhil these days. By observing all these hints Abhijeet breaked his bond with Harika in yesterday’s game and said that Harika is not  spending time with him these days. So Nagarjuna has fulfilled his duty as a host, by helping Abhijeet to clear his doubts indirectly, we have to wait and watch if Abhijeet changes his game plan as per Nagarjuna’s advice. 

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