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Watch: Nagarjuna Shocking Comments On AKhil Monal Pair Stuns Kichcha Sudeep

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 are leaving no stone unturned in gifting its contestants some of the most unpredictable twists and turns. We have already informed you that Actor Kichcha Sudeep is grace to the show of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

The makers of the movie have released the latest promo where Sudeep is seeing telling to the housemates that Nagarjuna has left the show as he fed up with all. The housemates of the show were seen asking him to bring back their host King Nagarjuna. After Nagarjuna returns on to the stage Sudeep makes fun of Avinash and was trying to ask question to Monal but calls Akhil name accidentally and later asks Monal to answer the question, But Nagarjuna is seen telling Sudeep over the bond shared by Akhil Monal which stuns Sudeep.

It is being said on social media that Nagarjuna is really fed up with Bigg Boss contestants. Then, why he is seen introducing Akhil-Monal as a pair in the house. Netizens went on to say that Nagarjuna made Bigg Boss house as matrimony for the contestants. Even Netizens started trolling Nagarjuna as worst host, Take a look at the tweets for more clarity:

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