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Watch: Nagarjuna Clears Route For Monal Elimination, Netizens Troll Monal For Fake Tears

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu is arguably the most successful reality show in India. Nagarjuna is one of the reasons why people love to watch Bigg Boss. Nagarjuna is the true mentor for the contestants.  If he sees someone who is talented and appreciates that person, he is always ready with something for them. Contestants feel very comfortable with Nagarjuna. He gives them advice, comforts them in difficult times.

This comfort factor makes him the best host. Nagarjuna is a great entertainer! He dances randomly, while hosting the show-which is hugely appreciated by his fans. We are hearing several theories that Nagarjuna has been saving Monal for a long time. The most asked question on social media, when Monal Gajjar will get evicted. She was in every nomination but Nagarjuna never showed her an exit door.

Rumors are doing the rounds Nagarjuna always shows partially to Monal. In last weekend also Nagarjuna blamed Abhijeet for everything but he hasn’t said a single word to Monal. Now, the makers released the latest promo where Monal is seen crying and defending her mistake. While coming to Avinash, he is seen sharing how he got hurt by Monal. Avinash is pretty confident that Monal did a mistake but Nagarjuna may not agree with him because the host will always support her.

Netizens are making funny memes on Monal that when she doesn’t have any valid point she will cry to gain sympathy. Show lovers are asking her to eliminate as early as possible. Some of the show buffs tell that they are fed up to see her fake tears and they are slamming Monal badly on social media.

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