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Mukku Avinsh Turns As House Captain with Monal’s Support | Avinash New Rules For Housemates

by Bellamkonda

Bigg Boss Telugu: Mukku Avinash emerged as the captain of Bigg Boss Telugu Show for this with the support of Monal Gajjar. In the Bigg Boss Telugu episode aired today Bigg boss has given captaincy task to Ariyana and Mukku Avinash who were the best performers of Dasara’s special luxury budget task “Konte Rakshasulu Vs Manchi Manashulu”

After completing the luxury budget task for the week Bigg Boss had asked all the housemates to select the two best performers of the task, for which they have selected Ariyana and Mukku Avinash. In today’s episode, Bigg Boss has given a captaincy task of ‘Bandi Toyara Babu’.

As part of this task, the two captaincy contestants were given two trolleys along with a station in the Bigg Boss garden area. Both the competitors have to convince the housemates to stay in their station and after they agree to that, captaincy competitors have to make them sit on their trolley and should take them to their respective stations.

By the end of the task, the captaincy competitor who convinces more Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestants to stay in their station will be the winner in the task. But Both Ariyana and Mukku Avinash worked hard in this competition. Both of them have convinced five housemates each to stay in their stations. With this, the competition becomes a tie. Then Big Boss was given another chance and suggested that they can try to convince housemates to get into their station.


Monal who was at Ariyan’s station changed her mind and went to Mukku Avinash station, with this Avinash wins the task and becomes the captain of Bigg Boss house. Ariyana breaks down after getting defeated in the task. Avinash has given Ration Manager post to Ariyana after winning in the task. Mukku Avinash made some suggestions to the members of the house.

Mukku Avinash made a condition that if any of the housemates forgets to wear a mike then they have to take out the mike and wear it 100 times repeatedly. He had also kept a condition that if anyone sleeps in the house during the daytime two times then they have to jump in the swimming pool twice. Also, if Bigg Boss housemates speak in English, they should go to each camera in the Bigg Boss house and say, “Sorry Big Boss, I will never speak English again” like a child.

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