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Mukku Avinash Vs Abhijeet Clash : Netizens Troll Avinash Demands His Elimination

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Jabardasth Avinash and Abhijeet are the strong and popular contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. In a recent episode, ninth week nomination has taken place in the house but they couldn’t complete it. There’s no official report, who are nominated for this week’s eviction. But, the real compete spirit has started amongst the contestants. Bigg Boss is all creating entertainment to the audience with their fights and performance. The housemate’s friendship can change any moment and best friends will become enemies in any moment that’s specialty of Bigg Boss. To fetch good TRPs rating, they’ll come up with different strategies to attract the audience as well as to create a rift amongst the inmates.

In a recent episode, Abhijeet and Avinash had a verbal spat with each other. Avinash has revealed few facts about Abhijeet that he is not doing anything except sitting gossiping about others. Netizens predict that these two have chances to walk out with the winner title but Avinash revealing the facts about Abhijeet in front of the audience might be a big problem to Abhijeet. There’s no doubt, Abhijeet will garner a good amount of votes, if Bigg Boss organisers announce him a winner title then it would be a big problem to them.

Everyone got to know to that Abhijeet can’t perform well in physical tasks, Bigg Boss winner title should go to whoever does best in all the tasks. Looks like Avinash telling few facts about Abhijeet might get him into trouble. Do you think, will Abhijeet lose the battle with Avinash words, it’s too early to talk as there are a few more weeks to wrap up the latest season. The nomination process will be continued in tonight’s episode. Let’s wait and watch.

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