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Mukku Avinash To Get Eliminated Soon From Bigg Boss Due To This Reason?

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Looks like Jabardasth Avinash has been quite the star of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. He is a well-known comedian before stepping into the house. With Bigg Boss, he earned a good fan following but they seem to be hating his behaviour. Netizens claim that Avinash is doing a lot of overreaction.

We have already told you that Avinash has lost his job in the Jabardasth show. It is being said that the Jabardasth makers weren’t ready to send Avinash to Bigg Boss Telugu. As Avinash didn’t complete his agreement and he violated the rules. The makers are believed to have asked him to pay some amount as compensation for his sudden exit. 

There’s no official confirmation from Jabardasth makers how far this news is true and they haven’t react on the news yet. If Avinash really lost job then telling the audience often in Bigg Boss Telugu is seems to be fair. Reports are doing the rounds Avinash is believed to be cheating the audience by lying to the public that he lost a job in Jabardasth show. With this he is losing audience support and inching towards elimination.

Avinash’s one of the brothers revealed few facts about Avinash, he stated that ‘ Jabardasth makers are ready to take him back. There are maximum chances for him to make a re-entry. Avinash’s permanent exit from the show is a just rumour. If it was speculated, we would have thought it was really rumour but those words came from Jabardasth Avinash is really making surprise to the audience. Few of the netizens claim that Avinash is trying to gain sympathy by telling them he lost his job for Bigg Boss. We really don’t know how far this news contains truth an official confirmation regarding the news is awaited at the moment.

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