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Mukku Avinash Still In Danger Zone, Even After Getting Eviction Free Pass

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: There’s no special formula to win the Bigg Boss title, the only thing the contestants have to do is to impress the audience with their real game. Bigg Boss is a big platform for any celebrity because it is one of the most popular reality shows in Telugu states. Post the show, a few of the contestants could get better movie offers only if they have audience support. Looks like Mukku Avinash is losing it.

Yes, what you read is right. Beginning of the show, everyone expected that Avinash will be in the top five finalists of this show. Since the last few days, Avinash is not entertaining the audience and he seems to be dull in the show. Netizens are sharing their opinion on social media that he is playing a sympathy game and he is blackmailing the housemates by saying that ‘Bigg Boss’ is really important to me and please support me.

Bigg Boss Audience are getting irritation to see his sympathy and emotional drama and they are requesting Bigg Boss makers to eliminated as they are unable to see his emotional drama in the house. Honestly, Avinash is lost his favorite job in reality show ‘Jabardasth’ and proving his talent on Bigg Boss is really a big thing.

It is worth mentioning that Avinash won the immunity for the next two weeks called ‘Eviction Free Pass’. Avinash has to use that pass before two weeks, if Avinash gets eliminated this week, then he is not leaving the house. He can use that pass to stay in the house for another week. Avinash’s immunity is a sort of ticket to the grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. But even though he got the eviction free pass audience were irritated with Avinash hgame play and Sympathy drama and trolling him on social media. So he might be eliminated in the coming weeks once he get nominated again.

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