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Mukku Avinash Permanently Out From Jabardasth Because Of This Comedian

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu contestant Jabardasth Avinash has been winning hearts since the show premiered. Avinash has proved many times that he is best in the game and he has a potential to become winner. Recently, Avinash was seen telling their inmates that he is not allowed to the Jabardasth show.

Mukku Avinash came to Bigg Boss by paying some amount for not completing the agreement period. As you all might aware, Avinash has managed to garner a huge fan base for him since day one. He made entry into Bigg Bss as the second wild card entry after Kumar Sai. He also won many hearts with his comedy antics on the show.

Loud whispers are doing the rounds there’s chance for Avinash to return back to the show but he may not have a chance of becoming a team leader to his group. On the other hand, Avinash could be in another group because in Avinash’s absence, his college Emmanuel is believed to be entertaining the audience with skirts and he is also handling the team as the lead.

The makers are looking forward to continuing Emmanuel as the lead without disturbing it, even when Avinash comes back. Emmanuel entertaining the audience by giving a dosage of entertainment and he is not making the audience that Avinash presence is lacking. In other words, Emmanuel is overtaking Avinash in Jabardasth show.

Avinash has been nominated for this week’s eviction along with Abhijeet, Harika, Monal and Amma Rajasekhar. It is left to see who will bid goodbye to the show this weekend.

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