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Monal Slaps Avinash With Her Reply, Netizens Demand Avinash Elimination

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: In Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Week 12 elimination process Avinash who always prefer to play safe game and escape from Nominations, had completely landed in trouble and lost control over his game by simply making an attempt to swap his nomination with Monal Gajjar.

In the Nomination task, all the seven housemates were individually asked to choose a hat in which a few hats have red color inside and few others have green color inside.

Following Bigg Boss suggestion all the housemates picked up the hats and initially Abhijeet, Akhil, Avinash and Ariyana got the red hats and were in danger zone for nominations. But Bigg Boss given them opportunity to swap their positions with either Monal or Sohel.

Following which Avinash had a heated argument with Monal in which he argued saying that he is 200 per cent stronger contestant better than Monal. Even Monal Gajjar said that she is also a stronger contestant and advised him not to judge her performance as he is not Bigg Boss or audience to decide the performance of contestants. In this argument Avinash words were very targeting in nature and this triggered trolls on Avinash, and even few netizens demand his elimination for his rude behavior towards Monal.

Meanwhile the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Enters into 12th week from Today, November 23 and 79 episodes of the season 4 has completed and only a few days were left for this season to end up. Several heated arguments took place between almost all the contestants in the Bigg Boss house in today’s week 12 nominations for the elimination process.

There are only seven contestants Abhijeet, Harika, Akhil, Monal, Ariyana, Mukku Avinash and Sohel in house after elimination of Lasya and grand finale is scheduled to held on December 20.

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