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Monal says that she is married and Pregnant

by Bellamkonda

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu which was started last month garnering a lot of attention. It is being hosted by Nagarjuna received a mixed response from show buffs. People are claiming on social media that contestants of this season are not that much-interested person to watch the show.

Nagarjuna and contestants are failing to impress the audiences. By taking this into a point, Akkineni Nagarjuna and show makers are planning some challenging tasks for the contestants. As the show reached a crucial stage, contestants are also competing with each other to grab the winner title.

The most popular contestants of this season are Monal and Akhil who are grabbing the headlines ever since the show was aired. In an unseen video, Monal is seen revealing few qualities about his future husband. Probably, to make jealous Akhil.

Monal says that she is  married and Pregnant

The conversation between Monal and Akhil, the latter was seen asking where is your husband? What’s his name? Monal tells him that in our culture, we don’t reveal husband name. He is an actor, he loves to travel and he can’t travel without me. I got married even I’m pregnant also that’s why I’m being careful in the house”. They tried to create masala with these kinds of talks but it didn’t garner enough attention from the audience. It is Monal prank talk to Akhil to create jealous, as Akhil is ignoring her for the past few days.

If you are looking forward for tomorrow episode, then this piece of news is for you. If reports are go to anything by, Samantha Akkineni is likely to host Bigg Boss Telugu as Nagarjuna is in Manali shooting for ‘Wild Dog’. He might not host the show for this weekend. It remains to be seen how Samantha is going to grill the contestants.

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