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Monal-Harika Made Abhijeet Single Find Out Why

by Bellamkonda

Actor Abhijeet who is known for his role in ‘Life Is Beautiful’ has emerged as the top contender to win the ongoing fourth season of Bigg Boss Telugu. He dominated other contestants with his attitude and comic timing.

In the beginning, Abhijeet didn’t perform tasks but last week he gave his best in ‘Army Training Task’. But, Akhil is keeping on fighting for some or other reasons. During the intial stages of the show, Abhijeet used to have a special bond with Monal but he stopped being with her after three weeks of the show.

Abhijeet and Akhil became enemies only because of Monal as they both love her. Looks like Bigg Boss may not love Abhijeet and Monal as a pair. He made Abhijeet a single in today’s task. While Bigg Boss assigned a task dating for Monal-Akhil to sort out their difference or it could be a part of the game. Abhijeet became single in the house without any pair as all the contestants got their own pairs.

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