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Monal Gajjar To Overtake Abhijeet and Become Bigg Boss 4 Title Winner, Find Out Why

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is running as a good mix of unexpected twists and turns right from the beginning of the show, now buzz is that Bigg Boss is planning one more new twist to the audience in the coming days.

Most of the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu audience had decided that Abhijeet will emerge as the title winner of this season, but Bigg Boss makers has something else in their brain, guess what Bigg Boss makers have strongly decided to stop the onside victory of Abhijeet, as guessing the winner right from this stage is not helping their show to earn high TRP ratings.

As a part of this plan Bigg Boss makers might reduce the screen space for Abhijeet intentionally to at least reduce his fan following, and at the sametime Bigg Boss will encourage all the other stronger contestants like Sohel and Avinash. Monal is also one of the most favourite contestants of Bigg Boss, for whom the makers have eliminated several strong contestants like Kumar Sai, Devi Nagavalli and Divi.

So Bigg Boss and Nagarjuna might also favour their favourite contestant in winning the trophy if she picks up in terms of voting.  Now Monal Gajjar has picked up very well in terms of her language and she is also focusing on her game individually. She performed well even in physical tasks like T stand task and lifting up Harika for her captaincy and going into the dark room in Devil’s Task.

So Telugu audience gradually started supporting her, even Rahul Sipligunj who initially supported Abhijeet, now shifted his loyalty to Monal. Added to that Monal’s sister Hemali also started campaigning for Monal on social media platforms and seeking support for her sister from all Gujarati people to support Monal by voting her in Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Monal Gajjar might overtake Abhijeet with huge audience support as she has picked in terms of her performance even in physical tasks, meanwhile Abhijeet is weak in physical tasks which is a minus to him which might turn as benefit to Monal.

So if Abhijeet commits any minute mistake at this crucial time then anything might happen in the Bigg Boss game, and Monal or Sohel might also become the winners of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Even in Bigg Boss Telugu season 3, Everyone thought that Sreemukhi will become the winner but Rahul emerged as the title winner finally. 

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