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Monal Gajjar Gets Trolled By Netzines For Continuing Triangular Love With Akhil And Abhijeet

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Monal Gajjar emotional breakdown and cries in the recent nominations task on Monday, after both Akhil and Abhijeet fighting with each other over Monal issue. Monal had appealed to both Akhil and Abhijeet to not involve her in any of their discussions. Monal said to them If you both have any problem, sit and talk, but please don’t bring my name into your argument. Because this is national television and everything  would be telecasted  and Reputation matters a lot.

After this everyone thought that she would be staying away from Akhil and Abhijeet as well, but in contrast to this Monal was seen hugging Akhil at mid night 12 after all the housemates were sleeping. Monal was also seen moving closely with Abhijeet as well. Monal Was seen closely speaking with Abhijeet on her bed.

Monal Gajjar gets trolled by netizens over her triangular love with Akhil and Abhijeet.

Abhijeet and Akhil conveys their concern to Monal But, however Monal was confused, when Akhil had told her that he had defended Monal in the nomination.

Abhijeet came to Monal’s when she was crying near the washroom. He said that “I did not discuss about you with anyone, I only talked about you with Harika and Akhil raised your topic in front of everyone. However, Monal cried and replied Abhi saying that “Why did you tell about me to someone else and even you have questioned Akhil “What is your problem if Monal likes me?

At 12 midnight, Akhil-Monal was talking about arguments during nominations. Monal questions Akhil why is he repeatedly talking about her “I Like you comments on Akhil”

For which Akhil replied to Monal saying that “You said  I have the right to talk about you, So I had I had dpointeout Abhijeet’s mistake in your issue”. After that Akhil wipes Monal’s tears and she hugs Akhil.

Have a look at few of the trolls here:

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