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Monal Gajjar Creates Hate Record In The History Of Bigg Boss

by Bellamkonda

Bigg Boss Telugu: Monal Gajjar has appeared in a few Telugu and Tamil films. There’s no doubt, Telugu audience hasn’t watched her in popular movies. But, she has become a household name with her stint on Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Some of the popular contestants in the house such as Abhijeet, Akhil, Sohel, and others may not be making the headlines, but Monal Gajjar has been in the news ever since the show started.

Coming to Monal, many netizens are just hating her and badly waiting for her elimination. It is for the first time in history, audience waiting for someone to elimination that too Monal. Netizens are creating fun memes on Monal Gajjar elimination this weekend and they are also projecting Akhil in those memes, how he is going to look during her elimination time. She has created a record by the most hating contestants in the house.

Only a few weeks left for Bigg Boss Telugu 4 to wrap up. The show has turned interesting, crucial and there’s no clue who will face elimination this weekend. There is a strong buzz on social media that Monal Gajjar elimination is confirmed for this week. At the end, the ultimate decision will be taken by show makers and they don’t go according to public voting.

Because Monal Gajjar’s name was in the nomination list for the past weeks but she didn’t eliminate and the makers saved her for TRPs ratings. It remains to be seen to whom Nagarjuna will be shown an exit door this Sunday.

Latest we hear is that Noel might also face elimination this week. It remains to be seen whose names will be in the nomination list for next week. Will there be a star entry in this weekend’s episode to enthrall the audience? Let’s wait and watch.

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