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Monal Gajjar Better Than Divi Vadthya?

by Bellamkonda

There’s no doubt, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is receiving a lot of flak on social media with each passing day. The thing is, Nagarjuna and show organizers are eliminating strong contestants from the house.

It has been happening since Devi Nagavalli eviction to Kumar Sai elimination. Although show lovers are supporting their favourites contestants by voting relentlessly, still they are getting eliminating is really hurting their fans. If reports are to be believed, Divi is all set to get eliminated in tonight’s episode.

Samantha has replaced in Nagarjuna’s place for Dasara special episode and Nagarjuna will be joining through a video call, to devalue the performance, as per the source. Nagarjuna is all set to show an exit door to Divi Vadthya.

Divi elimination got leaked on social media and fans once again started trolling Nagarjuna and show organizers for their bad judgement. They are demanding answers for eliminating Divi. In fact, Divi is far better than Monal Gajjar who does nothing in the house except gossiping about others.

Divi Vadthya deserves to stay in the house comparing to Monal Gajjar. Because Divi is one of the mature contestants in the house and she will get 100 per cent in the task. She is a very strong person and doesn’t shed tears for small things. She maintains a healthy relationship with all without showing any difference, in what basis Nagarjuna eliminated her has become a hot topic on social media.

If you don’t believe us, then take a look at the tweets:

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