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Monal Akhil Break Up: Monal Reveals The Reason Behind Akhil Nominating Her

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu is grabbing the audience’s attention with new twists and turns. Akhil and Monal Gajjar are the love birds of Bigg Boss Telugu. It wouldn’t be a crime if we said that all is not well in their paradise.

The nomination process of this week is yet to get complete in tonight’s episode, Akhil nominating Monal is a really shocking thing not only to the inmates even to the audience. Akhil and Monal should sort out their misunderstanding before they lose their battle. Akhil was with Monal through thick and thin situations but Monal degrading Akhil’s image.

Monal is seen in the video-sharing her pain with Amma Rajasekhar by saying that ‘ Ammai Abbai friends ante kadhu koncham more kavali’. Show lovers are unable to understand her words. Netizens are getting doubts on Akhil is that has he asked anything to Monal? Why she is doing character assassination on him? The answers are best known to them. In meantime, check out fans reaction over the latest promo:

Amma Rajasekhar who was cornered by all the housemates seems to be using Monal’s situation promising her that he will support her in any situation. Amma Rajasekhar who used to hate Monal now becoming friends with her.  It’s left to see whether Monal will switch her plate or not against Amma Rajasekhar, once everything resolved with Akhil. 

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