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Mehaboob Vs Sohail Fight: Netizens Troll Mehboob As Brainless and Chillar

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Mehboob Dilse is gaining a lot of attention from all quarters. During the initial stages of the show, Mehboob Dilse seems to be quite confused and aimless but as the show progressed, he made his game stronger and giving every possible reason for the makers to keep him in the house. Mehboob is alright when it comes to tasks and we are pretty sure no one can beat him. Mehboob is giving a tough fight to be in the game.

The latest buzz on social media is that Mehboob is the only reason for the fight between Sohel-Akhil in the house. Sohel is a mutual friend to Akhil and Mehboob and they are surely shelling major friendship goals to their fans.

In many instances, Sohel was with Mehboob in thick and thin of his friendship but Mehboob is seen saying ‘ I Don’t want you or your friendship’ to Sohail. Without a doubt, Sohailwas hurt with his words because he has been helping him since the day he entered the house. It’s because of Sohail, Mehboob were being very close in the house.

If you may recall, When Sohail was a captain in the house, Bigg Boss gave a special power to him to save one contestant from nomination. Without a second thought, Sohail saved Mehboob from nomination, if not, Mehboob would get evicted a long back. He got sustained in the house till now is because of Sohail. Instead of thanking, Mehboob insulting his friendship. Mehboob’s comments didn’t go well with the audience and they are trolling him badly on social media.

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