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Mehaboob Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Drops Bigg Bomb On Avinash

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 entered into the 10th week and half of the season 4 has completed and only a few days were left for this season to end. All the contestants in the Bigg Boss house competing very tough with each other to be in the final race for the Bigg Boss season 4. Bigg Boss completed more than 70 episodes and there were only 9 contestants in the house out of which six contestants Ariyana, Abhijeeth, Monal, Harika, Mehaboob and Sohel , are in danger zone for elimination process in Bigg Boss Telugu show for this week after Amma Rajashekar was eliminated from the house on Sunday.

So In Today’s Bigg Boss house the person who got eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 this week is none other than one of the Bigg Boss most favorite contestants Mehaboob dil se. All the housemates bids emotional good bye to Mehaboob. Even Mehabboob breaks down into tears while leaving the house. Bigg house presented best AV to Mehaboob while leaving the house. Mehaboob has given very positive suggestions to all housemates from the stage.

Sohel and AKhil becomes very emotional while Mehaboob leaving the house and throughout the entire process of elimination. Mehaboob drops Bigg Bomb on Mukku AVinash not to eat any non veg including egg for a week.

Bigg Boss had given him many opportunities and designed a few tasks to benefit Mehaboob and saved him elimination, but all of the Bigg Boss efforts went in vain with his elimination this weekend.

Bigg Boss got trolled for giving special preference to his favourite contestants Mehaboob and Monal and saving them by eliminating strong contestants like Devi Nagavalli, Divi and Kumar Sai.

Even though Bigg Boss doesn’t pay attention to them but now Monal and Mehaboob were lagging behind other contestants in the nominations, and Bigg Boss has no other means except eliminating Mehaboob to save Monal.

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