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Kaushal Manda Predicts Bigg Boss Top 5 Finalists | Akhil Will Not Be In Bigg Boss Finalist List

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: It’s been fifty days, the reality show Bigg Boss Telugu has begun and gathering  mixed response from all the quarters. Do you remember, the ex-contestants Kaushal Manda? Obviously, the answer will be a big ‘Yes’ from show lovers. He emerged as the winner of season -2.

On the completion of 50 days Bigg Boss Telugu 4, he shared a few things about the current season.  He stated to a leading tabloid that that “I feel season -2 was far better than this. He requested show makers to give new tasks as the audience are getting bore to watch routine tasks which they have witnessed in previous seasons.

Sohail used to be an angry and temper person in the house. But, nowadays, he changed a lot seems to be a promising and strong contestant in the house. He went on to predict that who could be the top-five finalists of this season. According to Kaushal’s opinion, Lasya, Abhijeet, Noel, Avinash and Sohail could be in the top five finalists of this season”.

It remains to be seen, whether will these contestants will be able to reach into finalists. It’s been while show lovers have been predicting the top winner and they are almost the same to Kaushal predictions except Akhil.

As you all might aware, Akhil is one of the strong contestants in the house but he always be around Monal which is becoming a minus point to him. He is performing well in the tasks but his arrogant behavior may not make him to reach finals. Akhil will survive for another few weeks but he might not be in the top five finalists as per the social media buzz. It is left to see what future holds for Akhil.

It is worth mentioning, Akhil and Monal are nominated for this week eviction. We are pretty sure, they won’t be facing elimination as they are generating content to the audience.

Whom do you think, will in top five finalists? Do let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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