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Kaushal Manda Comments On Akhil Sarthak Bigg Boss Game

by Bellamkonda

Looks like Kaushal Manda is a regular follower of the Bigg Boss Telugu reality show. He was also one of the contestants and emerged as a winner of Bigg Boss Telugu season-2. He shared his review on Bigg Boss Telugu contestant Akhil Sarthak.

Kaushal stated to a leading channel that ‘Akhil is really playing game well compared to other housemates. Since the beginning of the show, he started a relationship with Monal and he kept a full stop to it. After a while, he bounced back to the game.

Everyone knows in the house that Akhil is going into the secret room and every time the secret room doesn’t work. On top, Akhil’s lost his game plan after coming from the secret room and he seems to be fighting with the other housemates without any reason. Akhil’s secret room has become a minus point to him.

There’s a huge surprise planned for Bigg Boss show lovers in tonight’s episode. There will be an emotional episode where contestant family members are going to appear in the show as part of motivating the contestants before the grand finale. Just wait and watch.

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