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Watch: Jabardasth Mukku Avinash Enters Bigg Boss House, Entertains The Audience

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: To increase the fun in the Bigg Boss House and surprise all the Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4 audience who were upset with the selection of 16 contestants of the season, Now the Bigg Boss makers had entered Jabardasth Mukku Avinash into the Bigg Boss house in today’s episode by telecasting his AV as a joker.

Bigg boss had enetered Mukku Avinash in episode 12 aired on Thursday. He entered Mukku AVinash in Joker Attire into the house.Immediately after entering The Bigg Boss house he started developing friendship with all contestants.

Bigg Boss makers have entered the Mukku Avinash as a wild card entrant into the house, now buzz is that this week Bigg Boss might eliminate two contestants from the house.

The Bigg Boss had taken this decision of entering Mukku Avinash as most of the Bigg Boss show audience feel bored to watch the routine fights and emotional scenes between the contestants, but the only thing which is more entertaining the audience is Gangavva.

But for the past two episode even she remained quiet and the show becomes more pale and uninteresting to audience.

So in order to please the audience and to increase the TRP rating of the reality show the show makers had taken this decision of enetring wild card entries into the Bigg Boss house.

There were also reports that along with Mukku Avinash another beautiful heroine will also be sent into the house as a wild card entry soon.

Buzz is that heroine is none other than Swathi Deekshith who was introduced to the Telugu screen with the movie ‘Breakup’, and also acted in Jump Jilani.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 reality show started at 6 PM from Sunday, September 6. The show lovers who waited eagerly for the season 4 of this reality show were very upset as most of the contestants were not so popular and they don’t even know Telugu and except a few audience most of them belong to other states.

Earlier in the first season, Deeksha panth and Navdeep gave wild card entries. Nandini Roy and Pooja Rama Chandran in the second season .

Anchor Shilpa Chakraborty and Tamanna Simhadri in the third season came into the house through wild card entry.

However, those who made an entry through this wild card failed to impress the audience except Navdeep in the first season. but we have to wait and watch the faith of wild card entries this season.

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