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Is Nagarjuna Earn Double Profit Than Bigg Boss Telugu Telugu Organisers?

by Bellamkonda

Hyderabad: Akkineni Nagarjuna is one of the popular stars in Tollywood. It wouldn’t be wrong if we said that Nagarjuna is the definition of hard work and effort. People were shocked when Nagarjuna decided to host a relay show. Recently, the new season has begun and it is receiving a positive response from all quarters. The latest buzz on social media that Who is benefited from the show? Is Show organizers or Akkineni Nagarjuna?

Speculations are doing the rounds Nagarjuna is believed to be charging Rs 12 lakhs per episode and the show will be running for 100 days.  If you calculate the total amount for the whole season Nagarjuna might be getting around 5 Cr for the whole season. On the other hand, the Bigg Boss reality show is taking place in Annapurna Studios and Its rented place for show markers. Apparently, Nagarjuna could get more profiles as he is the owner of the studio and host of the show.

Nagarjuna won’t be paying any penny to the contestants, so ultimately, Nagarjuna is getting more benefit from the show than show makers. We don’t know yet, but, this piece of news has become a hot topic on social media. Before jumping to the conclusion, we will wait for an official confirmation from the maker’s end.

If you are looking forward to tonight’s episode, then this piece of news is for you. Kumar Sai is all set to leave the house in tonight’s episode. He was into the house as the first wild card contestant and stayed in the house for more than four weeks.

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