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Is Monal Playing Mind Game With Abhijeet?

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Several twists and turns are all set to take place inside of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. The latest promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has gone viral on social media platforms. Do you know, why? Monal Gajjar is seen having a verbal fight with her close friend Akhil. She is seen saying to Akhil, Ariyana and Avinash that she deserves to stay in the house.

Finally, Monal is on the roll to give stiff competition to all the housemates including Akhil. What’s caught our attention is Monal supporting Abhijeet. Yes, what you read is right.

She swap her green color for Abhijeet, there’s no clarity why she swaps it. To know the reason then we must watch tonight’s episode. Netizens are hailing Monal for playing the game strong. Some of sections of the audience are going gaga as she patched with Abhijeet.

If you may recall, Abhijeet used to have a special bond with Abijeet during the initial stages of the show. They got separated due to few differences and the main reason is Akhil as he was being possessive about her. Monal is playing a mind game as her mother said that Abhijeet is her favorite contestant and many of them voted for him in Saturday episode.

Likewise, Monal might have changed her game strategy plan to stay for a long time in the house. Looks like Monal might get save even this week as Abhijeet fans will definitely vote for her, because of her Abhijeet is not nominated for this week. Let’s wait and watch what’s store for us.

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